Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Look at these beautiful puffball mushrooms the family and I found! The hubby, the kids and I went out on a nature hike today through our neighbors trails. We looked at the stream that cuts through the limestone rock to form waterfalls and had races with sticks down the stream. The weather was beautiful and not too cold. We stopped along the trail to pick up some acorns when the hubby noticed these beauties just off the trail. We harvested them and brought them home along with free run eggs from our neighbors chickens. We also got those as fresh as can be as we grabbed them fresh from the coop. I love the flavors of these eggs since the chickens are allowed to roam all through the woods during the day. I am so excited to cut into the mushrooms! We already have many plans for them including mushroom soup and sauteing them in butter. The smaller one weighed 4lbs and the larger one weighed slightly over 10lbs! I can't wait to enjoy these beautiful mushrooms.
***please note NEVER consume mushrooms found in the wild without absolutely confirming that they are safe!