Friday, September 30, 2011

Fitness challenge

So lately I got a notification about a new fitness challenge offered over at The Domestic Pagan blog ( I thought it was really a fun idea and decided to join. It's called the "Get off your broom" fitness challenge.

The blog owner, Julie, is taking her job as hostess of the challenge really seriously. She is going to be giving weekly mini challenges. Since this is the start her first challenge is take a "before" picture of yourself and take your measurements.

So here is my photos, yuck.

Finally, my measurements.....


Waist- 40

Hips- 49

My goals are to eat healthy. I don't want to follow a diet plan, I want to change my eating lifestyle. Also I would like to start running or at the very least working out more. I have done many diets in the past and found that if you follow them you will lose weight. My problem is a lot of time the limitations are not something I find sustainable. So I need to learn to eat moderately and healthy. The working out more would be part of an overall lifestyle overhaul.

So good luck to everyone involved, I hope we are all successful!