Thursday, July 5, 2012

I have been super busy lately with school, kids, work, etc. that I have no time for myself. I feel that needs to change though as I am starting to get physical side effects of constantly being busy like headaches and neck pain (that could also be from working on my computer doing school and reading textbooks...).

I have come to a few decisions and am putting them out there into the world so that I have to stand by them. It is one thing to tell my family (they don't believe I will do it) and another thing to tell perfect strangers.

I am going vegan to start, well I am calling myself and ethical vegan. I will eat meat and cheese from animals that were ethically raised and not industrially raised. I will eat game meat as it has had a free life and I will only eat eggs from free range chickens (they taste better anyways!). I am not giving up on meat and cheese, just taking a ethical stand against industrial farming.

Also I am going to start meditating and yoga, if I can find the time (come September I will have more time because all the kids go to school full day then..*tear*  ). I was diagnosed with depression and social anxiety disorder in December after a particularly bad episode in which I feared I would hurt my children. I have been on medication ever since but I have a hard time with taking a pill to solve the problem especially since doctors cannot even explain how these things work or what the long term effects are. Plus I do feel that we are over diagnosing people these days but that is a whole other story. So I have been reading that meditation, mindfulness and yoga can help with managing mental illness. My hope is to get off the pills one day.

I will have a lot more recipes to post as I am doing the whole vegan thing. I have found and tried a few already but have not had the time to post them yet.

Other things of note, we are experiencing a heatwave here but I can't say I hate it. It is hard to breathe sometimes and I feel sorry for those that are working outside but I enjoy the heat. Also the garden is doing ok, the heat isn't great for it but we keep it watered and something has eaten all of my bok choy.

School is going really well, I am shocking myself because I never thought I would be able to do it but I am!


  1. Here's a summer recipe I found that you might like.

    "Flores" de Jitomates Rellanos (Stuffed Tomato "Flowers")from Edith Metcalfe de Plata's Mexican Vegetarian Cooking

    serves 4 to 6

    6 medium or 4 large tomatoes

    6 lettuce leaves

    1/2 cup sour cream

    1/4 cup each grated zucchini, chopped almonds, grated carrots, sliced cucumber, raisins, chopped Ortega chili, celery, diced onion

    1/2 tsp each of sea salt, aniseed, dill seed, parsley, thyme, mace, and chili powder

    1 small jar sliced pimento

    1. Wash and cut out the centers of the tomatoes. Slice downward--almost to the bottom--so that the tomatoes will open yet remain held together at the bottom. Make 4 to 6 cuts and lay the tomatoes on a bed of lettuce leaves.

    2. Make a filling with the remaining ingredients (except pimento) and use it to stuff the tomatoes.

    3. Garnish with pimento strips and refrigerate until time to serve.

    1. sounds delicious! I will try it now that the tomatoes are starting to ripen in the garden. Thanks!