Thursday, July 15, 2010

Wine Review: Cab Franc where have you gone?

I love Cabernet Franc, I have a passion for that grape in particular. I think its bold, tough and has great flavor. I found that wineries used to produce great Cab Francs in the past. Everything I loved about Cab Franc was showcased in these wines. Now I find that it has become a grape of icewine and blending. It is extremely hard to find a Cab Franc that isn't an icewine. So I have been shopping at my local LCBO's and trying to find a Cab Franc that stands up to my memories of the varietal. Its been awhile since I have been back in the wine industry but I was hopeful to find something tasty!

I first bought the Vineland Estates Cabernet Franc 2007. I was disappointed, where was the raw bold flavors I was used to. This was a everyday wine, something anyone could buy and enjoy. I understand the reasoning behind producing wines like this, obviously they sell more if they are produced with an average palate in mind. If you enjoy red wine and aren't picky then it is a very nice wine. At just over $13 it is a reasonable everyday wine. I hated it!

So try another, I bought the Henry of Pelham Cabernet Franc 2006. This is a winery known for their bold Baco Noir. I was hoping to find their Cab Franc to be as outstanding as their Baco Noir (and I love their Sibling Rivalry red as an everyday wine). I opened it and poured it into my glass, the aromas were heavenly. I was getting excited...this is it! I tasted it and I was disappointed all over again. The flavor just doesnt match up to the nose of the wine. It smells of blackberry and leather and tastes of grapey water. There was no tannins left in the wine, I was so upset with the taste I wont drink it again so it has been relegated to cooking wine.

So my search continues for a Cab Franc to live up to my lofty standards ;)

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