Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A new little friend

So this morning on my walk with my neighbor (yes, I am still keeping up the walking and feeling great) we went farther then we usually do since we had the time. We live in a really rural area so while walking through a wooded section of the road we were surprised to see a little head pop up out of the grass. I got closer to see what it was while my neighbor held her was two little puppies!!! Someone had dumped them during the night and left them there to die. I was so saddened to see these sweet defenceless little things shaking and cowering in the grass. I scooped them both up and placed them in my vest to warm up against my chest while we walked back.

Once we got home my neighbor set them up in a little bed and I called our vet. They wonderful ladies at my vet's told me to bring them in immediately. So my neighbor and I bundled them into the car and went straight to my vet's. The vet checked them over and found that the one little boy puppy was very dehydrated and sick, the girl puppy was doing better as she was bigger and less dehydrated. So we left the little boy with the vet after one of the ladies that work at the vet's said she had the perfect home for the little guy. We brought the little girl home and have been caring for her all day. The vet said they seem to be a Dachshund/Terrier mix and are about 7-10 weeks old.

We are keeping her, kind of perfect timing considering it is our twin girls birthday tomorrow. We are still debating names between Daisy, Karma, Killer (my husbands suggestion) and Lucky. She is such a sweet little thing and it breaks my heart to think of anyone doing such an awful thing to such a little baby!

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