Sunday, April 11, 2010

Apples and Walking

I am so excited, I planted an McIntosh apple tree on our property today. I can't wait to enjoy the juicy, tart apples in the fall! I am a little concerned because I read that McIntosh apples need a pollinator. I think my neighbor has a crab apple tree (which I read was acceptable to use as a pollinator) I just don't know for sure its a crab apple and I don't know how close the trees have to be. Well if it doesn't work out this year then next year I will plant a crab apple myself, I have been looking for an ornamental tree to put in the front yard anyway.

So in the fall I will have lots of gorgeous apples to try out recipes with...hopefully!

Also lately my neighbor and I have been getting out walking. It has been really good, we get up super early but its the only time we can both manage it. I like it because I feel I have a lot more energy by getting up and getting active instead of laying in bed. I feel sluggish and tired when I stay in bed and try to sleep longer. The walking has been an excellent alternative and when I come home I am in a good mood and ready to start my day!

I have been very productive today. I got the whole house clean and did a lot of laundry too. I am still amazed at how awesome vinegar and water cleans windows! We had my brother's dog all week because my brother was in Mexico and the dog slobbered all over my sliding door glass. I quick spray of the vinegar/water mixture and a wipe and they were sparkling again! I did invest in good microfiber clothes but they are not necessary to get a good clean. I used to use paper towels but got the clothes in another one of my efforts to be greener.

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