Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Gardens and weight struggles

I planted my organic meadowsweet and chammomile yesterday. It says to plant in fall or early spring and with the weather we have been having its more like mid-may then early april. I need to get moving on the vegetable garden. I still need to spread my compost, rototill then plant the seeds.
I am planning on planting snap peas, carrots, beets, potatos, onions, tomatos, corn, squash and zucchini. As for herbs we always have rosemary, lavender, mint, sage, thyme, basil, lemon balm, echinacea and chives. There are a bunch more I want to get but I can't order all the ones I want and I haven't been able to decide on only a few.

I have pruned my blackberries, grapes and fruit trees. I'm hoping the grapes do better thie year, they have been transplanted so many times (I have inherited them from my inlaws that brought them into the country from Europe over 10 years ago), I am surprised they are still hanging on.

Its the same though with my roses. I inherited them from my Great-Aunt after she passed away and they seem to be constantly getting some sort of disease or pest.

I also have been struggling with my weight. I have always been overweight but it wasn't until after I had my kids that I was actually obese. I made a lifestyle change in the beginning of March and so far I am down 9 pounds. I don't believe in dieting anymore....diets work, I've done them all and when you follow them you lose weight. Although unless you make a change forever then you just gain it all back. Most people that diet think that they only have to be strict and follow any diet until they have lost the weight and then they can go back to eating all the foods they were before. This is the reason so many people rebound, you can not go back to eating they way you did before the diet. It needs to be a change for life, working out needs to be as routine as brushing your teeth and eating healthy needs to be how you eat ALL the time, not just whenever you need to lose 10 pounds.

When you really look at the amount of calories you are consuming in comparison to how many calories you should be having its shocking. My morning coffee was the biggest shocker to me, I don't really like coffee, I do like it however with a dollup of flavored coffee whitener. They say that they are fat free so I thought they were fine. Until I started inputing the food I eat into an online calorie counter....my morning coffee ended up being almost 300 calories!! Thats a lot when I was now on a limited 1500 calorie daily intake.

You can find calorie counters anywhere now, I was using the one on dieticians.ca but now I have an application on my iPhone called Lose It that I can input my food into. Also almost every health and lifestyle magazine has calorie calculators and BMI calculators on their websites. I did mine on marthastewart.com and shape.com.

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