Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Richters Herbs - Medicinal, Culinary, Aromatic - Plants & Seeds

Richters Herbs - Medicinal, Culinary, Aromatic - Plants & Seeds

I finally placed my order with Richters Herbs. Steve and I received their catalogue about two months ago and had highlighted almost half of it with our wanted purchases. I didn't think I would need to order plants online, I figured we would have the time to get to our closest garden center to pick up the plants we wanted. I certainly didn't expect the fabulous weather we have had since March to hold. But now most of my flower garden is flourishing and the weather is still steadily getting warmer I cant delay any longer.

I ordered mostly herbs as we use seeds from our previous years harvest to plant in this years gardens and because I made the unfortunate mistake of leaving my potted herbs out in the fall and they were killed by the frost. I cant wait for them to arrive, I have been without my favorite herb, rosemary, for months now.

I ordered lemon balm, two types of basil, Casper pumpkin (I want to try this year), mint, oregano, rosemary, thyme and yarrow. I am super excited for them to come and for me to get my hands dirt again!

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