Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Royal Wedding

I, like millions of others around the planet, will be tuning in to see Prince William marry his long time girlfriend Kate Middleton on Friday. It will be a busy day for me as it is also my twin daughters birthday and we as a family always try to do some special events on the kids birthdays with a party to follow on the weekend.

As it gets closer and the media gets more hyped for the event I cant help but think about Kate. I know for myself how nervous I was on the day of my wedding. I was extremely happy but I had quite an upset tummy too from nerves. Kate has got to have nerves of steel for this event. I only had 150 people watching me get married.....not the millions expected to view this event. Also there will be comparisons abound, between Kate and Diana. She grew up in a middle class home so has not had the same practice in dealing with media and the public as William has. She has stood up well so far and I hope she can continue to maintain the poise she has shown so far. Even though this event is a worldwide affair, I hope that Kate and William get to enjoy some of their wedding day in privacy. My thoughts will be with Kate on Friday and I hope she has a beautiful and magical day as every girls wedding should be.

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  1. Lovely post

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