Wednesday, April 6, 2011

We think we know

I just had a brainstorm about humans. I think at times we like to think we know everything, that we have everything figured out. Then life, or Mother Nature throws us for a loop. I got this idea from watching a show on Mega Earthquakes that was on National Geographic channel. They were talking about cities being built in major quake zones and the steps being done to prevent major damage. They build sea walls and put shock absorbers in buildings but then life throws the curveball in the way of a 9.0 quake. I think the greatest they anticipated for was an 8.6. It made me think that life is full of these curveballs. One minute you are riding high thinking that you have your newborn all figured out and then they become toddlers or you finally get your dog housebroken and they start to run off because they are in heat. You are great at the job you are doing and then you are given a promotion and a whole new set of responsibilities. We humans are very adaptable and able to take these curveballs in stride for the most part. But sometimes they can be a huge struggle to overcome. My heart goes out to those that are struggling to overcome every day.

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