Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rain, rain go away....

We have had rain here for almost a week now. Fog and grey clouds, while I love the colour contrast with the bright green grass and new leaves, I ache to get out and finish the new garden I started digging. It has taken me longer to dig out then I thought because I have been trying to save the sod to put in some spots that the grass has a hard time growing and their are a whole heck of a lot of cedar roots from a hedge that used to be there.

My husband also has tilled our vegetable garden but that hasn't been planted yet either because of all the rain. I cant really complain though because we have no issues with flooding like other parts of the country are experiencing.

In my new garden I am going to be planting bergemot, thyme, sage, chamomile, yarrow, primrose, boneset, borage, feverfew and meadowsweet. I already have some butterfly bushes and rose bushes in the area. I want to make a butterfly/sweet smelling/herbal healing garden. I eventually want to put a bench there and make it my quiet reading spot and I want to attract butterflies and bees to it as well. But I would like it to be functional also.

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