Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Trying again

I haven't done much of anything lately. I have been so tired. First off I haven't been sleeping well. The kids have been sick which means a lot of nights with very little sleep and then my husband caught it, which meant more sleepless nights. I am so tired and it makes me feel depressed.

But I want to make a change. I want to get up at my usual time do yoga or go for a walk, take the time to eat healthily all day and accomplish some things off my list of things to do. I just need some sleep.

I also want to do more with the kids. I also wish I was more crafty. I want to make a commitment to meditate and I want to go back to school. I cant wait for summer, the warm weather makes things so much easier. I love being outside and gardening and I feel so much better about having the kids outside all day.
So to sleep and get started....no more excuses....no more procrastinating. This needs to happen.

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